diggSaver - Digg.com based ScreenSaver

Digg.com has discontinued the Digg Labs project without warning during one of their redesigns. Unfortunately, that is where the diggSaver application below retrieved information. As such, this application no longer works. This project page is being left in place for informational purposes.

If you enjoyed the visualization tools, please let Digg.com know that you would like them back. In the event they restore Digg Labs, I will restore diggSaver to working order.

If I find the time to update the application with custom visualizations based on the public api, I will post those changes here. But, that is not currently in development.

diggSaver - Digg.com based ScreenSaver

Digg-based ScreenSaver as seen on G4's Attack of the Show!


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News: This program was featured on G4's Attack of the Show on 09-FEB-2007.

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Updated:   18-JULY-2007 4:59PM Eastern


Run the .exe or rename the .exe file to .scr to make it a screensaver file. Place the .scr file in the Windows folder.

If you have IE7 or IE8 installed, you will need to add digg.com to your trusted sites.

arrowChangeLog (Current)
  • Updated About information
  • Fixed Menu button issues
  • Added Arc and BigSpy tools
arrowChangeLog (History)
  • Fixed Screensaver Preview and Options Dialog
  • Added Refresh Timer (5 minutes)
  • Fixed Close Events
  • Fixed Taskbar Overlay (I think)
  • Added Timer to Reset Focus Issues
  • Changed Close Behavior (Esc)
  • Added Stack
  • Added Menu Features
  • Relocated About Info

An interesting Digg post pointed out a Mac OS X screensaver based on the Digg Labs tools.

I didn't see one posted for Windows, other than an Active Desktop integration. So, I decided to try writing one. The program was written in VB.Net with .Net Framework 2.0

This program was created for my personal use, but I am sharing it to anyone interested. This program is presented 'as-is' and should be treated as beta quality software. Don't spam my inbox if your computer freaks out.


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