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Updated:   26-JULY-2006 9:25PM EST

  • Added Volume Slider
  • Added System-level Keyinput
  • Added Winamp Controls

When most Windows games launch, they handle windows keyevents for input purposes. This renders traditional keyboard shortcuts for Winamp useless and not everyone has multimedia keyboards.

I created this program to capture system-level keyboard input in order to control Winamp. The INSERT key functions as "Next Track" when wmpControl is running.

This program has been tested with Winamp 5.24, but should (in theory) work with most versions of Winamp.

This program has also been tested while running World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2.

arrowKnown Bugs
  • If Winamp is selected when using the "Next Track" keyboard shortcut, the open file dialog will fire.

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